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3G Sports Grass

3G grass has been a fantastic development in sports surfacing techniques and is becoming more popular due to its durable and resilient nature.

Investment in high quality artificial grass sports surfacing can offer fantastic opportunities to any sports facility. As each job is different please call today on 01332 292 202 or fill out our contact us form and we can provide a free quotation.

How is the 3G sports pitch constructed?

The 3G turf is constructed with a thin layer of sand in the base and an infill of rubber crumb, this gives the feel of natural grass.  The pile height ranges from 40mm or 60mm and is chosen depending on the primary sport which will be played on the pitch. The grass offers excellent ball bounce properties, ideal for any football and rugby.

We have installed a wide range of football pitches with 3G artificial grass sports surfacing. From schools, universities, local clubs, sports centers through to big league clubs we have experience in all requirements.

Synthetic Grass for Football

Why choose 3G artificial grass for your football pitch?

  • Meets the sports industry standards, we are able to provide football surfacing which is highly durable with non-abrasive fibers which offers a high level of play,
  • Our artificial grass offers excellent ball bounce and roll, we guarantee our surfacing will not hinder your game play!
  • No need to cut the grass again, this time saving solution is a great added bonus of artificial grass,
  • Full sports line markings can be applied to the surface,
  • Complete drainage solution eliminating waterlogged pitches, which means many more matches can be played all year long.
Rugby is now turning towards synthetic grass as a surfacing option. The 3G grass offers a great level of player safety and long term durability than natural grass. More and more clubs were looking for an all weather surfacing requirement so play could continue throughout the winter months without damage to the grass.

Synthetic Grass for Rugby

Why choose 3G Grass for Rugby?

  • High durability means tackles and scrums will not wear or damage the surfacing,
  • All year round use, the ground will not freeze or get water logged in the winter months,
  • Non-slip properties mean players can focus on their game not their footing,
  • Added recycled rubber crumb to absorb impact and maximise player safety,
  • The added shock pad has been designed to work with Rugby and will help with high impact sport.

Usable in all weather conditions

Having 3G grass installed means that the pitch will not be out of use or matches postponed due to rain and ice. The fantastic drainage properties allow all surface water to dissipate and no ice to form on top of the pitch. This also means that no damage will occur to the turf during play due to the durable and resilient build.

3G Sports Grass Football Pitch
Large 3G Sports Grass Pitch
Playing on artificial grass sports surfacing

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