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Polymeric Sports Surfacing

Our Polymeric Sports Surfacing is an ideal solution for facilities that want to maximise available space to cover a wide range of outdoor sports, and requires minimal maintenance in the long term.

The polymeric sports surfacing is composed of rubber granules bound with polyurethane, which can be left untreated for maximum economy. Crucially, they comply with the ‘Sport England Type 4 Polymeric Surface’ or ‘Type 4 MUGA’ standard, giving you total piece of mind when installing your sports surfacing. This type of surfacing is often most popular with multi use games areas and examples of completed projects are shown in our gallery.

Key Features:
  • Incredibly versatile as it can be used for a variety of sports such as football, hockey and netball to name a few.
  • Impact absorbing surface – helps reduce impact on joints when playing sports.
  • Low maintenance – polymeric surfaces can last many years without the need for respraying or maintenance.
  • Suitable for all weather types due to porous surface that effectively drains away rain water.
Type 4 Polymeric Sports Surfacing

Type 4 is best suited as a multi sport surface and the EPDM rubber in the type 4 spray provides extra texture and durability to offer suitability for popular sports such as football, basketball and hockey. Meeting the requirements classified by Sport England in line with SAPCA.

Polymeric Sports Surfacing offers an open texture with excellent porosity, impact absorbing surface and is made from black recycled rubber in the base layer before spray coating is applied. Costs are competitive with artificial grasses and have reduced maintenance in comparison.

Polymeric Type 4 surfacing is a combination of specially graded recycled sbr black rubber particles, size 1–4 mm, and polyurethane binder, which is mixed on site and normally laid by a specialist paving machine to form a continuous surface. The surface is normally laid to a thickness of 12mm prior to the application of the coloured textured wearing course.

Coloured textured wearing course comprises a coloured elastomer incorporating small particles of coloured EPDM rubber, size 0.5–1.5 mm. This is mixed on site and then spray applied in two passes onto the black surface at a combined rate of 2Kg/m² giving an even textured finish. Colour options are either red or green.

The combination of the black rubber particles with the application of the textured wearing course process forms the finished surface. The surface is porous and should be laid onto an accurately constructed permeable base.

Curing Period

Textured Type 4 Surfacing is a wet pour in-situ laid system and requires a curing period before the surface can be walked on. The surface ‘sets’ by a moisture cure process with the length of curing time being dependent on local climatic conditions. In general most surfaces will cure overnight following each day’s laying/spraying, but sometimes can take longer.

During the curing period it is critical that security measures are taken to prevent access onto the newly laid surface. This is usually prevented by the use of temporary security fencing and/or a static security guard and is an effective control against pedestrians or animals etc. Textured Type 4 Surfacing is a two part process and the cure time applies to both the black rubber layer and each coat of the spray coating.

Full technical specifications can be found on the product sheet below.

Type 3 Polymeric Sports Surfacing

Type 3 has been designed to offer high slip resistance levels and is one of the few surfaces that meets standards suitable for netball. Other sports can also be played on this surface such as tennis and football. The rubber is fast draining from rainwater meaning the court can be used throughout the year as risk of surface ice will be minimised.

Laid in one layer to a depth of 12/13mm, Type 3 is a porous surface which should be laid onto a permeable foundation. Colours are attained using a polyurethane coating. We recommend maintenance after a three year period depending on the level of use.

Sports Line Markings:

The full range of Sports Line Markings is available to complement your Polymeric Surfacing. Being predominantly colour coated with anti-slip paint, white is often the popular choice for line markings but these are available in other colours to distinguish different sports. The lines are painted onto the surface using a hard wearing, flexible polyurethane paint and various sports such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Cricket and Tennis.


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