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Playground Free Fall Heights – Safety Surfacing

The depth and area of a safety surface is determined by the height of the playground equipment it surrounds. The higher the equipment, the deeper the depth and the greater the area needs to be for the Safety Surfacing. Playground Free Fall Heights are vital to get correct and being a long term provider of safety surfacing for all playground we can help you make the safe and correct decision.

To ensure the correct depth and area of a surface surrounding play equipment, the Free Fall Height must be calculated. The height of the equipment is known as the “Free Fall Height” or FFH. Please view the table below to find out the Playground Free Fall Heights needed for your equipment:

  • FFH 3.0m depth = 130mm
  • FFH 2.82m depth = 120mm
  • FFH 2.62m depth = 100mm
  • FFH 2.60m depth = 90mm
  • FFH 2.47m depth = 80mm
  • FFH 2.24m depth = 70mm
  • FFH 2.04m depth = 60mm
  • FFH 1.65m depth = 50mm
  • FFH 1.36m depth = 40mm
  • FFH 1.26m depth = 30mm

If you are still unsure please contact us on 01332 292 202 and we can advise which depths of surfacing your equipment needs. Safety the playground is important to us and we will always work with you to make sure you are providing a safe and fun place for children to play.

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