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Play Surfacing Maintenance

Refurbishment of play areas is key to maximising the potential use of the facility. Maintenance of play areas is significantly reduced when one of our synthetic surfaces is installed compared with natural grass, wood chippings or bark chippings, however it is advised that regular maintenance is carried out in order to keep the surface in its best condition and thus increase the longevity the product.

Grime, algae, moss and sand can build up, especially in areas where trees surround. Once this debris is cleaned and removed, your surface will look completely revitalised. If the surface is wetpour or bonded rubber mulch, simply removing debris and an occasional power wash using our specialist surface cleaner is all that should be required. Play-Grass may just need sweeping off and re-dressing with sand when required.

Clean your playground surfacing

Sport Surface Maintenance

A maintenance plan for your sports surface can really get the most efficiency out of the surface and increase the lifespan. Our polymeric type 3 and type 4 surfaces should be kept clean and free of debris. Nova Sport can undertake your sports surface maintenance and have specialist surface cleaning equipment to do this. Our artificial grass surfaces for sport should also be kept free of debris, but may also require a combination of cleaning and decompaction of the sand/rubber infill. This keeps both the aesthetics and performance of the surface to its optimum.

Artificial Grass Brushing


For our wetpour and rubber mulch surfaces, small holes can be repaired using a DIY repair kit, which we can supply with full instructions on how to carry out the repair.

All of our surfaces will require a modest degree of maintenance and we are here to help with:
• Patch and shrinkage repairs
• Respraying and relining
• DIY repair kits

Repair your surface with surfacing maintenance
If you are concerned about your surface and want to arrange a specific repair or surface clean, please get in touch.

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