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SUDS Bond Surfacing

SUDS Bond is a one of a kind drainage solution surfacing. Made from Aggregate and Recycled Rubber.

Many areas suffer from poor drainage and flooding, standard surfacing was not able to cope with this level of surface water so would fail through cracking or damage. SUDS Bond has been designed to provide a solution for these areas.

When installed with the correct groundworks, SUDS Bond is an entirely permeable paving solution meeting the requirements for a Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution, hence the name SUDS.

Why choose SUDS Bond?

  • Effective water drainage of 1600mm per hour
  • Easy to install and may not require planning permission
  • Wheelchair and bike friendly
  • Reduces risk of flooding and eliminates surface water which can cause a slip risk.

SUDS Bond Technical Specifications

SUDS Bond is composed of black rubber granules, coloured aggregate and a polyurethane binder which offer a surface with extra grip and toughness.

Sub base:

Concrete or tarmac – Thickness – 25mm
Well compacted stone -Thickness – 35mm
Other firm base – Thickness – 50mm

SUDS Bond is hand laid by skilled installers and the materials are mixed together on site. The installation occurs in one visit, once laid the area needs to be protected until fully cured (6-24 hours weather dependent).

Once installed and fully cured the surface is considered inert and non-toxic. SUDS Bond uses large quantities of recycled rubber and therefore means it offers excellent environmental credentials.


SUDS Bond Surfacing
SUDS Bond Pathway

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