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Resin bound gravel surfaces are popular for sports facilities, playgrounds, and recreational areas. Known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, resin bound gravel is an excellent surface choice for various athletic and play settings. Let’s look into some of the essential tips to help you keep these surfaces in prime condition, ensuring safety and longevity.

Resin bound gravel is a fantastic option for sports facilities, offering a smooth, permeable, and durable surface. It’s ideal for multi-use game areas, running tracks, and outdoor courts. To maintain its condition, avoid using heavy equipment and ensure sporting goods used are surface-friendly.

1.      Routine Cleaning for Play and Sports Surfaces

Sports and play areas require regular cleaning to maintain safety and appearance. Sweep debris and rinse with water to prevent buildup. For more thorough cleaning, use a soft brush with mild detergent. This helps keep the surface safe and attractive for athletes and children alike.

2.      Removing Gum

Gum removal is a common challenge in sports and recreational areas. When gum finds its way onto your resin bound surface, it’s essential to act carefully to avoid damage. Firstly, try to freeze the gum using an ice pack or a commercial freezing spray. Once it hardens, gently scrape it off with a plastic scraper or putty knife, not disturbing the gravel. A gentle dabbing with a mild, eco-friendly solvent or a specialised gum remover can be effective for any residual stickiness. Remember, harsh scraping or strong chemicals can harm the resin surface, so proceed with caution.

3.      Weed Management in Sports and Play Areas

In sports and recreational areas, resin bound surfaces might occasionally encounter weed growth. To effectively manage these intruders, it’s crucial to remove them completely, including the root, to prevent regrowth. Gentle, eco-friendly weed killers can be useful, but if you opt for manual removal, ensure that you extract the entire weed, root and all. This can be achieved with careful hand-pulling or using a weed removal tool. Regular maintenance and quality installation play a significant role in minimising weed intrusion, helping maintain a clean and safe surface for all sporting activities.

4.      Addressing Water-Related Issues

Water-related issues, such as mineral stains and water pooling, are common concerns for sports surfaces. Mineral stains, often caused by standing water or overspray from sprinkler systems, can be managed effectively. Regularly cleaning the surface with a solution of mild vinegar and water helps dissolve and remove these stains, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the area.

It’s also important to ensure proper drainage to prevent water accumulation. Check the surface for signs of pooling or improper drainage and address them promptly to avoid long-term damage. Implementing a routine cleaning schedule and ensuring efficient drainage will keep your resin bound sports surface functional and visually appealing, enhancing the overall experience for athletes and spectators alike.

5.      Winter Maintenance for Sports Surfaces

Winter conditions can pose challenges for sports surfaces, but your resin bound gravel can remain safe and functional with the right approach. When dealing with snow, use plastic shovels or brushes instead of metal ones to prevent scratching the surface.

For ice, select de-icing products safe for resin surfaces; avoid rock salt, which can be abrasive and cause damage. The porous nature of resin bound gravel aids in quicker melting and drainage, reducing ice formation. Additionally, it’s beneficial to regularly clear snow and ice to prevent buildup and ensure the surface remains usable throughout the colder months. Remember, consistent and careful winter maintenance keeps the surface safe for use and helps preserve its condition and appearance over time.

6.      Conducting Repairs on Sports and Play Surfaces

In sports facilities, the prompt and correct execution of repairs is crucial to maintain the safety and aesthetics of resin bound surfaces. For minor damages, such as small cracks or holes, thoroughly clean the affected area to remove debris or loose gravel. Once cleaned, carefully apply a new mix of resin and aggregate, ensuring it matches the existing surface in both colour and texture for a seamless repair. Addressing these minor issues promptly is essential, as they can escalate into larger problems if neglected.

In significant damage, professional assessment and repair might be necessary to restore the surface to its optimal condition. Regularly checking for and repairing minor damages helps maintain a uniform and safe playing surface, reducing the risk of accidents and prolonging the life of the facility.

7.      Longevity Tips for Resin Bound Sports Surfaces

Maximising the lifespan of resin bound surfaces in sports and play areas requires careful maintenance and usage. Firstly, always use gentle cleaning methods; harsh chemicals can degrade the resin and aggregate, leading to premature wear. Similarly, avoid exposing the surface to undue heavy machinery or equipment stress, which can cause indentations or damage.

Regular, thorough inspections are crucial for detecting potential issues like loose gravel, cracks, or drainage problems early. Addressing these promptly can prevent them from escalating into major repairs. Additionally, consider applying a UV-stable sealer every few years to protect the surface from sun damage and to maintain its vibrant appearance. By adhering to these practices, your resin bound surface will look great and offer a safe, durable area for sports and recreation for many years.

Properly maintaining resin bound gravel surfaces is key in sports and recreational settings. Regular care ensures these surfaces remain safe, functional, and visually appealing. Our team is always here to provide professional maintenance and advice.

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