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A Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is a smart way to make the most of any available space and create a really vibrant play area. A MUGA can be used for many different types of sports and activities and offers great cost savings because you only need one pitch. It’s a simple way to open up the possibilities of a single space and create maximum value from it.

What is a MUGA playground?

MUGA stands for Multi Use Games Area, a single games area that can be adapted for many different types of activities. The pitch is marked with anything that is relevant to the activities that you want to use your MUGA for, whether that’s a football goal or floor markings for netball. Because all the markings remain in place on the MUGA, it’s very simple to switch from one activity to another on the same pitch and you don’t need to invest in a different space for each sport. A MUGA playground can accommodate many of the activities that kids are most interested in today, including football and netball, cricket, handball and basketball.

What are the benefits of a MUGA playground?

  • Cost savings – You don’t need separate spaces for each game, as all can be played in the same MUGA. Plus, the markings that are applied to the pitch mean that you’ll need less equipment.
  • Many years of use – A MUGA playground is designed to be durable and hard-wearing so it’s a great investment, not just for now but in the years to come too. Installation is simple and fast and the process of maintaining a MUGA playground is minimal. There’s little to no disruption and few ongoing responsibilities.
  • An invitation to get active – The design of a MUGA playground is intended to appeal to children and get them excited about the activity. There are lots of different game options too, which means that there will be ways to engage everyone. This can be an incredibly valuable asset in an environment where children need to let off some steam before going back into class, for example.
  • Team sports are great for development – Many of the games that a MUGA is designed for our team activities, foster improved socialisation, problem-solving abilities and collaboration and compromise. Valuable experiences happen during these games, whether they relate to learning to compromise or how to cope with the process of defeat.
  • A structured place for play – Having access to a MUGA can give children somewhere to come together and play in a structured way outside, rather than spending hours in front of a screen. Many parents will know how challenging it is to get kids off social media, etc. and a MUGA is a great incentive.
  • A MUGA can benefit everyone – For example, it might be installed in a school but the same pitch could also be rented out to sports teams at the weekend.

Multi Use Games Areas are a great investment and provide a very effective space for play. At Nova Sport, we’ve worked with hundreds of MUGA projects across the UK and are sports surfacing experts. Look at our MUGAs Surfacing page to find out more about the different options. If you’d like to chat with an expert, who would love to hear about your project, contact us today!