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Routine maintenance helps to ensure that sports surfaces remain resilient all year round, no matter what the weather throws at them. It will also mean that you prolong the life of the surface, which means a better return on investment and a more enjoyable experience for all those who are using the sports surface. There are lots of reasons to ensure that you have routine maintenance set up for your sports surfaces.

  • Minimising the impact of extreme weather. Although the UK doesn’t tend to get that really extreme weather, sports surfaces will still change in response to something like high heat or snow and ice. Routine maintenance can help to ensure that this doesn’t degrade the surface or reduce its performance. For example, if you have an artificial turf sports surface it might be part of the regular maintenance routine during snowy months to simply shovel away the snow. Something like artificial grass doesn’t require much winter support – and it’s not a good idea to use salt or antifreeze – so even just this small bit of maintenance can ensure that no damage is done during times when the weather is challenging.
  • Ensuring that your sports surface stays safe. Again, the winter months can provide challenges – for example artificial turf can become slippery when it’s raining or when snow melts. Plus, the fibres of artificial grass can sometimes become brittle during the extreme cold. Investing in regular maintenance for your sports surface – whether it is artificial grass or another type of surface – will ensure that the safety requirements of the surfacing continue to be met. It will mean that the surface can still be used and you’ll have total peace of mind that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to safety concerns.
  • Long-term durability. Routine maintenance is an important part of guaranteeing long-term durability for sports surfaces. For example, something simple like removing debris from the surface can avoid a situation where drainage problems occur. If there are issues with drainage then you might end up with a water build up on the surface. This can be dangerous to those who are using the surface and may also damage it if left unmanaged. So, something as simple as routinely removing debris like weeds, moss and mould will help to preserve the surface in the long-term.
  • Maintaining the quality of the surface. Different surfaces tend to need different types of attention when it comes to routine maintenance. For example, artificial grass needs regular brushing to ensure that it is in optimum condition – and this should be included in a routine maintenance schedule. Doing this helps to ensure that all the bristles are standing up and the infill is evenly distributed.

From maintaining quality to minimising the impact of extreme weather, there are lots of ways in which sport surface maintenance will have an impact when it comes to sports surfaces. If you want to get the most out of your surfacing investment, it’s going to be a vital factor to consider.