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A MUGA is a Multi Use Games Area.You’ll find MUGAs at schools, colleges and sports clubs where there is a need for space to accommodate different activities and sports. They are space saving, cost effective and provide an instant upgrade to the facilities on offer because a MUGA can accommodate multiple sports pitches in one single spot. If you’re thinking of a MUGA, what exactly does this entail and what can you expect?

What is a MUGA?

A sports system that supports multiple activities in one space. It is usually a fenced area and will have markings that allow many different sports to be accommodated, including basketball, hockey and tennis. These professional sports pitches can inspire activity, teamwork and taking part and you can even use them to play two games at the same time. There are many benefits to opting for a MUGA, including the wide range of activities that the pitch can be used for, all weather surfaces so that the pitch can be used all year round, less maintenance commitments – as there is just one sports area to maintain – and no need to install multiple pitches.

What can you expect from a MUGA?

  • A choice of different surface options. There are many different ways to bring a MUGA to life with a variety of surface options. For example, your MUGA may be best with a polymeric surface, which is a rubber surface with a sports coating catering for all sports. Alternatives include multisport synthetic carpets or sand filled artificial grasses that allow a vast array of sports to be played. 3G artificial grass is another option for those areas dedicated to football (and/or rugby).
  • A cost effective investment. The average cost of a two court MUGA in the UK is £130,000. However, there are many different variations in design and surfacing that can have an impact on how much you pay. Surface area, equipment and other specifications will also make a difference Suggested revision: Site specific needs, size, fencing type, ground works and surfacing specifications will also make a difference to the budget required.
  • The option to add plenty of extras. Alongside the MUGA, it’s simple to install sports equipment so that you can make the most of the opportunity to incorporate multiple activities into sports routines. For example, basketball hoops, hockey goals and football nets can all be added to the MUGA.
  • A bespoke design that works for your available space and project requirements. All the benefits of a MUGA come from the fact that it is individually tailored to need every time. So, the space is specifically designed for your project, from the markings on the MUGA to the surfacing that is used. This will have an impact on everything, from how much use the MUGA gets to how easy maintenance is.


A MUGA provides a smart way to offer sports facilities, whether for a school, sports club or other institution. Bespoke design and swift installation mean you can be up and running with expanded facilities in no time.